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Business diagnosis

We combine microeconomic analysis of the sector and the market with integral evaluation and organizational behavior and development techniques, identifying levers and tools for performance improvement, in the context of the diverse economic scenarios and regulatory frameworks.

Selection of production technology

We evaluate the technological restrictions of the process and the behavior of the productive factors, focusing on free disposal and optimizing feasible combinations of factors and products or services, all in accordance with financial structure.

Business model reorientation

We design and implement business models of increasing returns to scale, even in environments with strong inflationary pressures affecting factor productivity, including technology, reformulating the service offering and expanding it into new markets, especially the public sector and other drivers of the economy, with a clear collaborative network orientation.


We present the various strategic options to compete internationally, introducing scenarios of progressive entry into foreign markets, applying models adapted to the acquired knowledge of the market and available resources.

Operational and financial restructuring

We gather the revision of operating strategy with the optimization of financial structure, together with a significant cost reduction and an efficient working capital management, prioritizing legal soundness and financial rigor.

Business Diagnosis post COVID-19

We combine the comprehensive analysis with an ad hoc microeconomic framework that reflects the behavior of demand, changes in the structure of supply, singularities in territorial impact, customer base profitability analysis and changes in the conditions of spontaneous and explicit cost financing.

Technology transformation

We evaluate and present technological alternatives in post COVID-19 environment, depending on the complexity of the production process, organizational structure and business model, resulting in rapid efficiency improvements based on digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence.

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